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Business IT Solutions

We are committed to the success of your business, as your success is our success

IT Support

We are an exciting technology based company based in the North Wales region. We offer a comprehensive support strategy. As well as traditional Server and Workgroup based networks, we cover Mobile Technology combined with Internet Services. Our cloud based monitoring software makes sure we are always kept informed of the health of your systems. A quick response ticketing system, as well as access to highly qualified IT consultants, means you are always covered.

IT Networking

Connecting your business goes beyond the traditional business IT network infrastructure. We now share more and more information and documents online, we also share files and media across a wide range of devices.

NorthWales Media will carry out a free consultation to establish your exact requirement. You will be surprised how much can be achieved.

Graphic Design

We have a talented in house graphic design team. We work closely with our client creating a consistent theme through the company’s profile.

We offer a full package of logo design and stationary pack, professional email signatures and templates.

Web Design

Websites are your shop window, your CV and more importantly the way to be found to grow your business. NorthWales Media believe your website and your company domain should always be in your control as one of the most important assets of your business. We have cost effective solutions for all budgets and we can set-up and maintain your website, always giving you ownership and control.

Programming and Databases

NorthWales Media began its origins in software development. Creating some of the first cloud based applications for asset management of redundant IT equipment. We are competent in object orientated programming and have the ability to create robust custom applications from design to deployment. We create and customise, import and export data systems for applications, cross platforms to link and communicate. We are able to develop cloud based web services to feed applications and query data.

IT Support

eCommerce websites can be costly to build and more often fail to offer a return on investment. We can help evaluate the cost and also provide the training required to maintain listings and focus.

We maintain and develop tools for eCommerce websites and clearly understand the problems.

North Wales Media has a vast amount of experience in mobile and tablet technology as well as computers and servers. We offer a wealth of knowledge to keep your business running at it’s maximum potential without the worry of software or hardware issues due to our monitoring software. We will know if there are any problems with your systems before you.