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About North Wales Media Ltd

Your local IT support company

NorthWales Media your local IT Support focusing on small to medium size businesses in and around North Wales area of Holywell, Flint, Mold, Buckley, Prestatyn and Rhyl.

We have years of experience in business that rely on technology to stay competitive and cost effective.

Some companies think of their IT as a necessary evil as opposed to the tools and systems that can streamline their business. We are probably entering the most interesting times in IT with the race towards Cloud Computing technologies.

We are there to support your business and help you make the key decisions when considering new systems and technology? Even maintaining your current systems and adding of mobile technology to further your business improving communication channels and response times.

Do not have a dedicated IT department? The answer is probably NO, you hope your IT never goes wrong!

You would expect to talk to your accountant when you have tax problems or a solicitor when you require legal advice. Your IT consultant is just as important as we look to the future. Take away your companies IT and in most cases you don’t have a business. Get professional IT advice, get connected and beat the competition.

Let’s consider a typical small business, the question you should consider and the goals you are trying to achieve…