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Traditional workplaces have been in a single office with multiple terminals, server, printer and possibly a laptop. With the introduction of mobile technology, iPad’s, tablets, smart phones and all supported with cloud, WIFI and 4G technology. The phrase I will deal with that when I get back to the office is a thing of the past.

If your business is set up correctly, work can be carried out almost anywhere. let’s take a typical scenario such a builder (Bob) arriving on a new site to quote for a job. Pictures can be taken on a phone and picked up in the office immediately, electronic measurements can be taken whilst on the customer’s site and transmitted back to the office. These can then be collated and presented in a quote by the office staff, picked up by Bob before leaving the site and shown to the potential customer. Showing efficiency will go a long way towards getting the contract.

Traditional Office Networking

Here we have a typical old school office setup. Nothing wrong with it whatsoever, but it does restrict working to a single location. Who looks after the IT needs, we all have a little knowledge and perhaps you have managed up to now. We all have a friend that knows a lot about computers. Now whilst they probably have good intention to repair or maintain your business systems, if they get it wrong they could potentially cost you more than you bargained for. Here at North Wales Media we ensure your technology is working for you, in the event of equipment failure there is no loss of data, no drama and no big IT bill.

Networks have changed significantly over the past few years with the realisation of the cloud, apps and online presence. Work anywhere on multiple platforms. Network no longer refers to the cables around your office.

Let’s take a look at a new way to work. Your data is backed up on secure cloud servers, your data is accessible to you on any device at any time from anywhere whilst remaining secure. All of your devices are synchronised and fit for purpose. This doesn’t mean that you will have to replace your existing equipment, it will be setup in an efficient manner to meet today’s security needs. Your equipment is constantly monitored to ensure that impending failures are identified before they become a problem. Whether you are a small or medium business you will have a full team of experienced IT staff at the touch of a button and at the end of a phone. Monitoring contracts can cost as little as £180 per year and whilst under a monitoring contract any work carried out or all IT equipment is significantly discounted, saving you even more money.

We only do personal, your customer data and IT needs are just as important to us as they are you. You will always talk to someone you know who understands your needs. We always invest our time to understand your business so you can be assured you get the best advice.

Typical modern business networking.