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Typical small business IT scenario

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  • On December 8, 2015


Hardware asset list:

  • 2 PCs, 1 Laptop, 2 printers, 1 tablet, 3 company phones

The Staff

MD, 1 to 2 admin staff, 2 to 3 production staff

Typical working environment

2 admin staff will sit at a computer all day, the rest of the staff use a computer to record and access information

  • Up to 100 hours a week at a workstation, tablet and phone
  • Up to 130 hours production

This may seem excessive admin, but the reality in today’s business, data is essential!

Small office IT set up before

Typical problems

  • Problem with emails when doing business (my mail ends up in customers spam).
  • Which one do you think looks best (a) or (b)
  • Can’t get my emails anymore
  • My printer has stopped working.
  • I can’t find my documents
  • Multiple copies of the same files.
  • Staff downloading viruses and malware.
  • Signing into their web accounts and leaving passwords open
  • My computer is slow
  • My internet is not working
  • My PC keeps shutting down
  • I have lost my documents
  • Sharing a centralised file folder

Important business IT related questions

  • Do I need to keep all of the data, do you record the same data over and over again?
  • Can the right people access the right information, from anywhere?
  • What do I do in the event of a major disaster, such as fire, theft or equipment failure?
  • Is all of my data protected, secure and backed up?
  • Let’s get to the big question: How much will this all cost me to get this right?

Typical small business structure.

Let’s assume the business employs 5 people. PCs are 5 years (Windows 7 pro) and 10 years old (XP pro), using office 2003 (Word and excel). No backups. HP all in one printer and a network compatible laser printer. Tablet running windows 8.1 and the laptop running windows 7. BT provider for your broadband. All devices connected wirelessly. Sage is used on 1 PC for your accounts, all invoices are produced from a word template.

NWM IT strategy:-

First call is to assess your current working practises and equipment. We don’t want to change a perfectly good working environment, but we will use our experience to give advice on any inefficient processes, equipment and procedures. We are not the oracle on all businesses and don’t pretend to be. We do however support broad spectrum of businesses with very efficient working systems and can pass on our knowledge to complement your business needs.
Recommendations will be made as to what equipment, software and procedures would benefit you and more importantly ‘why’. This will be presented to ensure that it meets all kinds of budgets. We invest our time in you, ensuring you get the best value for money and do not spend on unnecessary hardware and software.
If we agree a way forward, (this will be a mutual decision between you and ourselves) then an engineer will install and configure any new or existing equipment. Training and guidance will be given to ensure the systems are used efficiently.

Monitoring software will be installed to enable us to identify possible risks and equipment failure. Typical examples; a hard drive may develop minor a fault, this can be identified before complete failure, overheating, antivirus failure and much more. (Please see our monitoring section

In this scenario we have determined that 1 PC is too old to be upgraded and is not fit for purpose. All equipment is connected wirelessly, there are no structured backups, information

  • Job 1. External HDD (hard drive device) to a NAS (Network attached Storage) typical cost £50 for a simple HDD and £250 for a NAS (typically 2 hard drives raided to protect against failure) All data will be backed up, candidate data for archiving. Stored in a shared environment for ease of access.
  • Job 2. Replace the 10 year old PC with a business grade I5 unit with twin screen £550 (Budget unit would be £350)
  • Job 3. Install hard wire network between all devices typically in 1 office. Router, PCs, printer, scanners etc, £100-£300 dependant on the size of the office environment.
  • Job 4. Setup all devices. Phones, PCs, Laptop and printers to access data, emails
  • Job 5. Install antivirus, Office and monitoring software

Initial budget

This results in an of £800-£1200. You now have a reliable, secure and efficient business system.

Monthly Outgoings

IT Monitoring contract for all equipment £70 and reduced IT Support rates and discounted equipement


  • Create a web site, setup email appropriate to your business from £250 web development..
  • Stationary pack. Headed paper, Logo, email signatures invoice templates business cards compliment slips etc £125-£250 graphic design..
  • Install invoicing system, accessible via all devices £100 initial setup and £5 / month support siwapp demo..
Small office IT set up after


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