Your Managed Service Provider

Meet the IT and marketing provider that feels like such a natural extension of your team, you’ll forget we’re not in-house

Strengthening Communities Across North Wales, Together

Your Managed Service Provider

Meet the IT and marketing provider that feels like such a natural extension of your team, you’ll forget we’re not in-house

Strengthening Communities Across North Wales, Together

Now’s the time to stop trying to “hack” your IT and marketing

There’s never enough is there? Never enough time, budget,
resources, energy to get it all done.
Your IT, systems, marketing and tech are spread out across
your business. And you hate to say it but… nobody really
understands what’s going on.
Your to-do list is growing faster than you can tackle it and
it’s making you want to run away and hide

All that stuff that nobody really gets? That’s our bread and butter

Sure. You could hire an IT contractor, a website designer, a
social media manager, an SEO consultant, a hosting provider,
a PPC manager and a brand designer… but you’re still going
to have the same problem.
Everything will still be in a million different places. You’ll go
from struggling to manage your to-do list to struggling to
manage your people.
Or… you could put everything in one place. That’s what a
managed service provider does

The only all-in-one IT and marketing solutions made exclusively for North Wales businesses Always on hand exactly when you need them

They say business isn’t personal. But we’re a family business. We do things differently.

With father-daughter founders and a tight-knit local team at the helm, this isn’t business as usual.

We pride ourselves in working with local businesses that are challenging the conventional. People like you, who are serving the community through their work, creating social enterprises, designing new systems and innovating with exciting new projects.

Wherever possible, we’ll meet you in person. So we can shake your hand, look you in the eye and say hello. The old-fashioned way.

Because some things never go out of style.

All-inclusive IT and marketing

It’s like a really good package holiday for your business. But with less beer and more tea…

All-inclusive IT and marketing

It’s like a really good package holiday for your business. But with less beer and more tea…

Now you can grow your business, without tearing your hair out

Let’s rewind the clock. Back in the early 2000s our managing
director, Phill, was an engineer. He was travelling the world,
building marinas and moving from port to port.
Until an accident meant he could no longer travel. So he went
to university, studied Cloud Networking and specialised in the
.NET framework. Cut to 2008 when Phil opened up a
computer shop with £200 of stock.
From there – it snowballed. In a good way

A natural evolution into IT and marketing services

Phill’s daughter, Sara-Mai, joined the team and launched
the marketing arm of the business. Soon enough, North
Wales Media grew into an all-in-one IT and marketing
managed service provider.
As the business grew, our team did too. These days, much
of our work is guided by our diverse staff.
Each team member brings their own unique passion to
your projects. So you always have a leader who truly cares
about the results.
Instead of leaving you feeling lost in jargon and overwhelm,
we guide you through the maze. So you can finally check
those all-important goals off your list.

We’re told we make a great cup of Yorkshire tea...

We’re told we make a great cup of Yorkshire tea…

Phill John

Managing Director
Self-described Real Ale connoisseur. Avid Welsh rugby fan.

Jane Powell

Serial series binger. Usually surrounded by her three Jack Russels

Sara-Mai Reyes

Head of Marketing
Real Madrid fan. Cinema enthusiast (her record is XX in one year).

Carmen Reyes

Keeps things moving - in the office, at the gym or on the football field

Steve Bonney

Head of IT Support
Loves to travel. Preferably on his bike with some good company

Joe Jones

Graphic Designer
Car enthusiast. All-weather mountain biker, always exploring the Welsh hills

Jake Rawson

An eye for detail. Can be found with a tiny paintbrush and Warhammer miniatures.

Ciri-Ann John

Devout follower of quokkas (the happiest animals on the planet) and David Attenborough.

Every time you work with us, you’re supporting your local community through our social enterprise

How do you create long-lasting social change?
You make it a part of your daily life. And that’s exactly what we
do here, at North Wales Media.
You see, we’ve got a sister. Or rather, a sister company. They’re
called RestByte and we think they’re pretty awesome.
Created in 2021, RestByte is a social enterprise that offers a
unique space for local care workers to rest, grab a bite byte,
get business done and network with each other

Supporting your local community with every booking

There’s a board room for meetings. A meditation room,
where care workers can relax, take care of their mental
health and indulge in some much-needed self-care. A
cocktail bar and chill-out lounge, where you can network
without any awkward introductions. And a gaming area
to let out all the frustrations from the day.
That’s before we even get started on the team-building
work and community projects. We told you it was
pretty awesome!
Every time you make a booking through us, whether it’s
for an IT project or marketing work, you’re helping to
support RestByte. With X% of profits going straight back
into our local community

All the good ingredients going into the North Wales Media brew

Technology is a tool for good

Technology can feel scary. There’s a lot of jargon, techy-terms
and confusion in the tech space. But is the world going to be
taken over by robots? Unlikely.
Technology is actually an asset. Step into our Flint location
and you’ll be transported through the journey of tech from
1983 to today. You’ll see how technology can make life better
for everyone.
It all depends on how you use it. We help you use it for good.

Equal opportunity for all

We’re pretty proud of our team. They’re smart, skilled and
incredibly passionate about IT and marketing. They’re
also pretty diverse.
Everyone here has some form of disability. We’re from
different backgrounds and different LGBT+ orientations.
Every team member has something unique to offer and
we can guarantee you’ll find someone who understands
your story

Making the world better than we found it

If we want to see a better world, we all need to play a role in
making that change. Sometimes it’s super exciting, impactful
and visible. And sometimes, the change is more in the
background. Ploughing away and getting the job done in
the hope of creating something better.
Either way, we’re here for it. We believe in the power of
community to make the world a better place. And it’s starting
right here, in North Wales.

Here’s the stress-free way to grow your business

Welcome to the managed service provider that just makes sense. Let’s get your IT and marketing back on track.

Fancy a cuppa? Drop us a message below and let’s have a chat. The snacks are on us