We Find The Right Broadband Solution, For You.

Get help and advice choosing the right broadband solution for you and your company. We’ll ensure that you don’t get caught up in the wrong contract.


Don't Get Tied In

Long term contracts are now standard when it comes to broadband providers making it extremely hard to leave if unsatisfied. By taking out the guesswork and finding the right provider you won’t be stuck with terrible service and a long contract.

Know Where You Stand

With monthly reports and reminders of when you can search for new providers in your area. We help ensure that you make the right decision when it comes to having stable, reliable and high-speed broadband in your business.


Grant Advice

The government knows how important getting online is. That’s why you can not get access to a grant in order to have the best solution installed in your home or business. We can help you find the best solution and check if you’re eligible.

Access 4G Broadband for Less

Sometimes fibre to the premises isn’t the best option or simply isn’t available. This is where 4G broadband can save the day. Our partners at 4G4U can get you online within 24 hours! Ensuring that your business stays on the go with high-speed internet!

Your Perfect Solution.

NWM Broadband provides a service to help you find the best broadband solution for your company. Whether it’s a fibre connection or completely mobile 4G solution, we’ll help you find the best.

We use technology to see which provider is at your exchange meaning that you don’t have to go through the middleman. You can get faster, cheaper broadband straight from the best provider. This ensures that you will not only have more reliable broadband but should you ever have a problem, your provider’s engineers can control and fix the exchange closest to you.


Our 😄 Customers

Getting online is an incredibly important part of my work. However, after struggling with a slow connection I had finally had enough. I spoke to Steve and Phill regarding the NWM Broadband solution and they found the right price, contract and best speed for me and my business. I could not be happier!

Rebecca Jones

Chartered Accountant


What exactly do I get?

InformationWith our NWM Broadband package, you get access to a dedicated team ensuring that your company gets the best deal out there. We check at your exchange to see which providers are offering the service in your area; this means that you can go straight to the key supplier and not to the middleman. Along with this you also get access to 4G Broadband at a lower rate through our partners at 4G4U.

So what if I can see who's at the exchange, how does that benefit my business?

InformationIn simple terms, through knowing who is at the exchange we can not only get the best price (as no fees are put on top) but also this means that should there be any problems with your connections that you are going to the right people for help. When the company you’re with is not at the exchange it means that they are hopeless when it comes to any problems. Using a company that is at the exchange will ensure that they get the job done and your internet fixed quicker than a third-party entity.

What is 4G Broadband?

Information4G Broadband is essentially broadband using the 4G network (also how your phone accesses the internet). Through using the right equipment and having the knowledge and experience our partners at 4G4U are one of the most reliable and cheapest in the country for 4G Broadband.

Do you only deal with 4G Broadband?

InformationEasy answer: No. Longer answer: 4G Broadband is becoming more reliable and a very good alternative to regular broadband, however, it isn’t for everyone. Getting a supplier that is at your exchange can be the best option for reliable, high-speed and stable internet which is what we’re all about. We want to ensure you have the best internet solution possible, whether 4G or fibre. It’s as simple as that.

What does "at the exchange mean"?

InformationHave you ever seen that box full of cables that people work on from time to time? If so, that could well be your Exchange Point.
“An Internet exchange point (IX or IXP) is the physical infrastructure through which Internet service providers (ISPs) and content delivery networks (CDNs) exchange Internet traffic between their networksSource

Still confusing? Have a chat with us and we’ll explain.

Quick Recap…

Don’t get tied in a contract.

Access 4G Broadband for less.

Know who’s at your exchange.

Monthly Reports and Reminders.

Get Emergency access to WiFi.