Utilise the Power of The Cloud.

Managing all your companies different technologies, software and devices can be daunting. The Cloud makes it simple.

Benefits of Using The Cloud

Never Pay More

As the cloud scales, so does the price. Meaning that you will never pay over the odds for what you have. The Cloud allows you to only pay for what you need and never for what you don’t.

Utilise Your Domain

Through using popular business cloud tools like Google’s GSuite you can utilise your domain by having a professional email (example@yourbusiness.com), drive space, a shared team calendar and so much more!


Up Your Security

Using features like Two-Step Verification with your accounts you can restrict access to your private files and devices through the use of approving access through a device of your choice.


Monitor, Monitor, Monitor

Gain access to monitoring your accounts, devices and to-do’s all through one panel. This allows you to see what your team are doing on the go or in-house.

Intergrate For The Better

The Cloud allows you to integrate your systems with each other. Making it easier for your company to tie everything in. Through our IT Support Cloud Licenses, you can even monitor and ask for support all through your mobile phone!

Work From Anywhere, Anytime

Traditionally, we have been storing data on personal computers and then wondering how we can access it from remote locations. Using the Cloud, access your files from anywhere.

Cloud Talk. Pay Less. Talk More. In The UK or Abroad.

Become Connected and Secure.

NWM Cloud provides a service to companies of all shapes an sizes in order to help them become connected through the Cloud.

Whether it be networking over the cloud, setting up emails or having the freedom to work anywhere in the world. Whatever your needs are we can help you through the journey or scaling your cloud network.

Not only can you access your files from the cloud but you can do so much more, like remote IT Support that allows technicians to fix your technical problems off site!

Our Customers ❤️ The Cloud

At first, I was skeptical, having heard so much about the cloud but never fully understanding what it meant. I assumed it was all hype, however, since NorthWales Media’s NWM Cloud department have connected me up I can now work from anywhere without needing to worry about security or data loss.
I honestly don’t know how I ever worked without it!
A huge thank you to NorthWales Media not only for changing the way we work but also for helping me through the process to understand and utilise the cloud.

James Mather

Director, Expert Answers

We Use and Recommend G Suite


How much does it cost?

InformationIt’s hard to say without knowing your company circumstances. However, should you want to set-up a standard GSuite account then Google charges £4.60 Per User / Per Month. This will allow you to access a professional email (example@yourbusiness.co.uk) and also access files from anywhere.

What does it mean?

InformationIn simple terms, it means that you are interacting over the internet or WAN (Wide Area Network). This means that you can access the information or applications from anywhere with an internet or mobile data connection. (If this still sounds complicated, talk to us, we’re always happy to explain!)

Is cloud computing the same as software-as-a-service (SaaS)?

Information“You might say software-as-a-service kicked off the whole push toward cloud computing by demonstrating that IT services could be easily made available over the Web. While SaaS vendors originally did not use the word cloud to describe their offerings, analysts now consider SaaS to be one of several subsets of the cloud computing market.” Source

What types of services are available via the cloud computing model?

Information“Public cloud services are breaking down into three broad categories: software-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service, and platform-as-a-service. SaaS is well known and consists of software applications delivered over the Web. Infrastructure-as-a-service refers to remotely accessible server and storage capacity, while platform-as-a-service is a compute-and-software platform that lets developers build and deploy Web applications on a hosted infrastructure.” Source

Ready To Utilise
The Cloud In
Your Business?

Quick Recap…

Work from anywhere.

Secure your data.

Use VOIP technology.

Never pay more.

Centralise your data.