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We have been using the cloud service since it’s infancy (and before the word cloud was coined). Cloud services have grown exponentially and most users do not even know they are using it the majority of the time.
Knowing and understanding what part of the cloud you are utilising and where your data is stored is an essentially part of eveyday business today and will be more important looking towards to future.
We all have questions about the cloud and this cna come from myths and lack of understanding about the tehcnology. This is very common and understandable but in todays business environmen t you shouldnt stay in the dark.
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The Cloud Is Empowering SME’s

“It’s likely that most small businesses use cloud resources more than they realize – which is a good thing.  But with all of the cloud power available, every small business should become more aware of how to use cloud-based services and seek these options for their growth and profitability strategies.” – Jim Blasingame; Forbes.com

Utilise the power of the cloud to save time and money

Use cloud-based communication to stay in touch with your workforce no matter where they are. Utilise community building and financial cloud programming to manage your information quickly, effectively and easily.

How The Cloud Can Help You Grow

The cloud is a powerful thing, especially in business. Here are a few ways it can help…

Processing Power

The concept of the cloud means that it fits any size business as it can develop from a droplet to vast cloud that covers an entire organisation.

Information at your Fingertips

Centralise your data systems to be able to access information that you are confident that it is up-to-date and secure at various levels of management.

Asset Protection

Your business asset is your information as this cannot be replaced whereas hardware can. Asset tracking and asset managemetn is a key part of an IT ifastructure.

Data Management

Managing your data and data protection, which includes the introduction of GDPR, is becoming a more focused subject that businesses must address in order to abide by the law.


Our definition of the cloud is networking over the internet as opposed to a physical structure. Cloud networking and device management are essential part of modern IT infrastructures.


The cloud has the flexibility to meet your needs and demands on tap. Pay for what you use and not for what you don’t. The cloud can scale up and down to the size you need.

Our Departments

Why only use one? What you can mix and match them all...

NWM Broadband is a service that helps you find the best possible broadband solution. The broadband infrastructure in the UK is arguably less than ideal. However, there are alternative solutions and companies that can help you get online quicker and cheaper.

NWM Cloud helps you use cloud-based communication to stay in touch with your workforce no matter where they are. Utilise community building and financial cloud programming to manage your information quickly, effectively and easily.

NWM Computers ensures that you and your team have the equipment that suits your needs and is ready to take on the future.
Through our refurb scheme, this all comes at less of a cost but still has the 12-month minimum warranty that you get when they're new.

NWM IT Support; supports hundreds of companies in order for them to take full advantage of their IT infrastructure. Using their combined knowledge of over 60+ years in the IT industry NWM IT Support have the capabilities to manage all types of businesses.

NWM Mobile takes care of all of your mobile device needs from phone to tablets any problem or question you have these guys have the answer!
NWM Mobile looks over the highstreet brand and B2C presence of PhoneAsylum another division of the department.

NWM Studios provides a comprehensive marketing suite to their customers in order for their voices to be heard through all forms of media and on all different platforms. Reaching hundreds of thousands of potential customers a month, how can we help you?

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