Every small business needs a unique, easy to navigate and attractive looking website. Customers will now judge how good a company is based on their website alone, so you need to get it right. A poorly constructed website will lose you customers and, ultimately, money. This is why it is always wise to use professional web design services so that you get it right. Here we share 4 common website design mistakes you need to avoid

1. Visitors can’t find the menu

Every website needs to have a simple menu that is also easy to find on the page. Never hide your menu as this will make potential customers click off your website and visit one of your competitors instead.

2. Poor quality graphics

The use of low residue, poor quality images and graphics will give the impression that you are not a professional company. Any images that you use need to be high quality, and remember to use them sparingly.

3. Unreadable text

One huge mistake in website design is having a website with hard to read or unreadable text. This may be because the font is far too small, or that pale grey text has been used on a white background. You need to think carefully about font size and colour.

4. The website isn’t mobile responsive

Don’t forget that many of us now browse the internet on our phones. If your website is not mobile responsive, then you will lose a lot of potential customers, as they simply cannot read or navigate your online content.

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