Managed website hosting for North Wales businesses

Hosting is easier than you think, when you’ve got a local face to answer all your questions

Your website is the digital storefront of your business. But, like a brick and mortar business, it takes a lot of time and effort to keep it looking ship-shape and ready for customers.

A physical store has an office manager, making sure that it’s organised, up to date and locked up at the end of the day. They keep the shoplifters out and encourage the customers in.

But who does that for your website?

Your hosting provider doesn’t have to be a million miles away

Your hosting provider is the landlord of your website. So it’s frustrating when that landlord is a million miles away.

They take forever to respond. Only speak in technical jargon. And never really understand your business.

It feels like they’re just there to clock in and clock out.

Local businesses need locally managed hosting

When you get to know someone, face to face, they get to know exactly what your business needs. They understand your business and they care about it. Just like you do.

They say business isn’t personal. But we’re a family business. We do things differently. Shall we pop the kettle on?

99.99% uptime for your website Be ready for your customers whenever they need you

Eco-friendly managed website hosting, exclusively for North Wales* businesses

ok ok, if you’re near North Wales we’ll let you in too!

North Wales businesses deserve the best. You deserve the same standard of website hosting as Nike, The NHS, The Financial Times and other giants. 

Your website should make you proud. Not stressed out. That’s why our website hosting is eco-friendly, using 100% renewable energy from natural sources such as solar, wind and the sea.

Let’s give your customers the same five-star experience they get in-store.

“Hosting with NorthWales Media has made such a difference to our small business”

“We now enjoy much faster search features on our eCommerce website and find this website now provides a much better experience for our customers.  Having the facility to have a live testing area now means that we never have website downtime, due to updates or big changes being implemented.

I was a little anxious about the process of moving all of our data, but the staff at NorthWales Media did everything for us, it was completely seamless with absolutely no data loss or issues.  We highly recommend hosting with NorthWales Media, for peace of mind and ease of use.”

Sue Oliver, Director, RainbowBiz CIC

Managed website hosting that gives you a friendly face and a name you know

  • Get answers to all your hosting queries, from a friendly face and a name you know
  • Make money whilst you sleep. 99.99% uptime means your website is always open for business
  • Stop losing customers from slow page loads. Give them super-fast speeds instead, thanks to the best hosting environment there is
  • Rest easy knowing you’re getting value for your money, with website hosting that’s tailored to your business’s specific needs. From blogs to eCommerce stores and membership sites, there’s plenty to choose from
  • Keep the backdoor locked and your customers’ data safe, with free SSL certificates as standard in every hosting package

What about keeping your website organised and up to date?

Keep your website safe and organised. Add a care plan to your hosting package. It’s the digital equivalent of hiring a security guard (but a whole lot cheaper).

  • Give your customers the best experience possible and ensure that your security is up to date with regular plugin and theme updates
  • WordPress CMS updates
  • Theme updates
  • Core plugin updates
  • E-commerce updates
  • Premium plugin updates
  • Protect your website from intruders, with 2-factor authentication
  • Save the day, with website restoration when things go wrong
  • Take a load off your mind with monthly website maintenance services

How PPC marketing services and Google Ads work with NorthWales Media

We’ll dive into your Google Ads account, find out what’s working well (and what isn’t) and use this to guide our
PPC project together.

This is the creative piece of the puzzle, where we come up with campaign ideas that’ll get your customers clicking.

Google needs to see your website as good quality for you to get a decent return on your PPC marketing investment. We’ll get your website ready for showtime.

Now we get to work building your campaign with the right copy, the right message and the right targeting.

Once we’ve got a good amount of data to report back on from your Google Ads campaign, we’ll help you dissect the results through our reporting process. Together we’ll look at what lessons can be learned, how we can improve and what to take as our next step.

“Without North Wales Media, we wouldn’t be the successful business we are today”

“North Wales Media go above and beyond in every aspect of delivering our requirements. I personally work very closely with the majority of the team and it never ceases to amaze me their input, intuitive solutions, timeliness and tenacity they adopt with their approach.
We see great results year on year and without them, we wouldn't be the successful business we are today. I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to get ahead in business. You guys are the best!”
Sarah Ashton

30-day money-back promise

Switching hosting providers can seem like a big task. That’s why our managed hosting packages all come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Turns out, outsourcing really can feel as easy as making a cup of tea.

Real people creating real results for real businesses Welcome to North Wales Media

Give your website the same attention you’d give a brick and mortar store. Find out how hosting your website with a locally managed provider can work for your business over a good cup of Yorkshire tea. 

Choose to meet us locally in North Wales, or connect online. It’s up to you!