Why video?

The popularity of video on social media has ballooned over the last decade. The flagship cruising the swelling tide of this shift is undoubtedly YouTube. Having reached one billion active monthly users in 2013, this figure has since doubled. Furthermore, the site enjoys further accolades such as the second-largest search engine and the second-most-visited website after Google. Failing to tether your marketing strategy to this leviathan will leave you submerged by your competition.

YouTube Optimisation Techniques

Story not sale

The ‘1914’ Sainsbury’s Christmas advertisement followed the stories of English and German soldiers, Jim and Otto, where the two armies held a ceasefire to play football. Any suggestion of the supermarket or its products took up only 10 seconds out of 3 minutes of 40 seconds of screen time. Yet it has been viewed over 21,000,000 times.

10 seconds or less

One of the best ways to use creative video is to grab your viewers within 10 seconds or less. A good example of this is fitness influencer V Shred, who tells the audience that getting fit is not about eating less or working out more. This simple yet counterintuitive assertion begs the question, ‘then what is it about, and how can you help me?’

Optimise, optimise, optimise!

Only videos that consistently appeal to the same sentiments will allow your company to sink claws into the fickle organism that is the online buyer. Understand that a good video is like Rambo storming an enemy platoon. It does not succeed on its own, but only with an arsenal of other advantages, such as SEO, mobile optimisation, podcast supplementation, and the expertise to make sensible use of analytics.

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