Responsive design will optimise your customers’ browsing experience by creating a responsive and flexible web page that is designed especially for the device that is accessing it. Responsive web design can benefit businesses in various ways, including:

Increased conversion rates

With responsive web design, users have an improved website experience as there is no redirection required. A unified design approach and standardised style sheets across devices will also create a consistent look. A positive user experience will improve your conversion rates as your audience become familiar with the navigation and layout of your site across multiple devices. Responsive web design removes several of the barriers that are presented when businesses have multiple sites, such as functionality, consistency and overall performance.

Increase search engine visibility

Responsive web design can enable you to manage one website with one set of hypertext links, therefore cutting down the amount of time spent maintaining your site and giving you the freedom to focus on link outreach with a stronger SEO strategy. SEO campaigns can be costly and time-consuming, but by creating a responsive web design, all of your SEO efforts can be focused on one single site with a unified strategy. Because your content only needs to be applied to a single site and won’t be duplicated, this can improve your search engine ranking.

Save money and time

It is much less time consuming to maintain and manage a single site with less content to update and it is much easier to optimise a single administrative interface using workflow and layout tools. Using site templates to manage content on different devices enables you to apply business logic via a single administration rather than with a huge editorial team.

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