Finding The Right IT Support Solution, For You.

Increase your companies uptime by ensuring that you have the right IT infrastructure in place to support your forever changing and developing environment.




Having support for you and your staff can be important. Even just asking the little things can be important to staff that needs extra training. We can help ensure that everything runs smoothly by having a dedicated help team at the end of the phone.


Versioned Backups.

Losing documents is a thing of the past. Ensuring that you have secure backups and backups on the cloud is vital to keeping your organization running, after all, who wants to lose something they’ve just spent hours on or a document the client has just signed?


Infrastructure Support.

This is something that a lot of people miss. Not having an infrastructure in place for your IT ecosystem can be a huge problem. If you don’t have a plan, ten things can get patched up and eventually become something that cannot be rectified cheaply.


Save Money.

Our IT services are made to ensure that you get what you pay for and don’t pay for what you don’t. We tailor each one of our client’s packages to ensure that no cookie-cutter deals are made. This ensures that you are not paying more for what you don’t use.



Increasing uptime is a task that all companies face. Downtime in the workplace is a problem that none of us want to see happen. Ensuring that you have more uptime ensures that you don’t bear the cost of losing money during downtime.



Having your systems monitored 24/7 help ensure that problems are fixed before they arise. We monitor your systems through our cloud software to ensure that should your PC hiccup we know about it can fix it before a problem occurs.

Keep Up To Date With Your IT.

Your IT Team.

NWM IT Support provides a brilliant service to ensure that not only do you save money but your team is heavily supported, your PC’s are monitored for faults and your infrastructure is taken care of.

Having the technology to support you, support your PCs and remote in should anyone need help is vital to ensuring that you continue running smoothly when it comes to IT. We ensure that your uptime is heavily increased (trust us, you’ll barely notice we’re there)! We have software that can allow you to get on with your work while we update your PC’s, fix any issues and pop in when anything should arise.


Our 😄 Customers

I fully recommend NorthWales Media as a quality service provider.

The team at NWM listen carefully and provide a thorough assessment of my business needs in a friendly and constructive way.

The relationship with NWM is a real asset to my business as I can trust in a timely response and clear communication to suit my understanding.

I feel confident that NWM have all the skills and experience in place to enable my business to grow.

Tim Witham

Director, AutoTutors YDS

On-Site and Off-Site IT Services.


What do I get for my money?

InformationExactly what you need. We don’t inflate our prices or have “cookie cutter packages” we evaluate what’s necessary and provide you with a quote that’s reasonable and justified.

Do I get progress reports?

InformationYes. Depending on your infrastructure we provide reports to you every month or every quarter. This ensures that you know where you are at and how your IT infrastructure is running.

What is 4G Broadband?

InformationWe monitor the components in your PC, things like your HDD, CPU, RAM and other hardware to ensure that if it is causing problems, we know about it and we can fix it before it becomes a problem.

Easily Get In-Touch Whether On-Site or On The Go.

Quick Recap…

24/7 IT monitoring service.

Versioned data backups.

Dedicated account manager.

Banked monthly hours.

Infrastructure design and strategy.