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NorthWales Media specialise in cloud infrastructure, helping businesses to work securely from anywhere.

Tailored pricing

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Enhanced security

Freedom to work from anywhere


Is your business running on the cloud? If it isn’t, you are missing out. Although cloud computing has been around for 20 years, there are lots of businesses who have yet to implement this technology. Once installed, many business owners immediately see the cost savings, competitive advantage and business efficiency that the system offers.

Enhance quality control and boost productivity, performance and standards of work. Documents are stored in a single location and everyone has access to the one document on the drive, allowing anyone to see what progress has been made or what changes have been carried out.

If you have a large business, juggling all of the different software, systems and connected devices can be a headache. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Cloud technologies can make the process much easier and more secure.


If you have ever had a system where you are paying more than you should, then you need cloud technologies. Once installed you only pay for what you need, tailoring it to suit your specific requirements. No more paying for extra capacity or features that aren’t required.


Create a branded business domain that you can use to add more professionalism to your communications. Integrate your own domains with Google’s G-Suite, set up shared calendars, storage space for documents and so much more.


Implement features such as two step authentication offering greater security and peace of mind for your business. Secure and safeguard important business and client files, implementing robust security safeguards across all devices and systems.


Your business systems should help rather than hinder your operations and that’s what we aim to deliver. Our systems will be installed and built around your business. Seamlessly integrate your systems and processes to operate with the cloud and you can monitor everything through your Smartphone device.

NorthWales Media are a specialist provider of cloud computing. Our business was founded on the principles of cloud computing and we bring years of expertise to every project helping you maximise workflows, security and efficiency. We can help businesses of all sizes become better connected through the Cloud.

Whatever your requirements, whether it is networking over the cloud, setting up your email systems or enjoying the freedom to work anywhere in the world, our systems are designed to work for you. We will undertake a detailed assessment of your business, find out about your systems and processes and then develop a tailored solution for your organisation, whether it’s implementing a new system or scaling your existing cloud network.

The cloud offers so many benefits for businesses and you don’t need any technical knowledge or know-how of how the cloud works, we will take care of everything in a “done for you solution” that will only make your business better and more efficient on every level. Please contact our team today if you would like to talk through your options in more detail or if you have any questions.

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We can provide your business with a completely transparent way to manage your services.