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Ensure that all of your company files are safely backed up to the cloud.

Integrate with your existing applications

Backup single files to entire servers

Automatically monitor file changes

Recover accidentally deleted files

Secure, encrypted backups


There are three types of backup: local, online and versioned.

We want to talk about what would happen should your company data “go missing” or get deleted by accident. We backup all your systems which allows us to recover any missing data or deleted data within a certain timeframe.

Businesses collect and store huge amounts of information on a daily basis. What would you do if you lost all of your client information, what about the projects that you were working on or even your financial or business data that allows you to make decisions?

This is a problem that no business owner wants to deal with but thankfully, there are steps that you can take to make sure that if your system does malfunction and everything gets deleted you can restore everything without too much trouble.

Client or company data that goes missing or is accidentally deleted can have significant implications for a business from your business reputation to lost customers.

We are specialists in data backup and recovery solutions for all types of business. This gives you more control over your data, what is backed up and how it can be restored.

There are three main types of backup; local, online and versioned and we can help you find the best one that’s right for your business.

Local Backups are storage mediums such as an internal hard drive, optical drive, USB pen, backups to shared folders or computers on the network.

Version backups involve creating versioned backups of your files on an external hard drive ideally off-site so there are multiple versions of the files that you work on, allowing you to go back and recover the right versioned backup.

Our backup systems will: • Integrate with your existing applications and systems • Allow you to backup single files, applications or servers • Automatically monitor file changes between backups • Complete backups quickly and easily to reduce interruptions to your business • Give you a range of back up options that work for your business

Security is an important component of the backup system and we will take the time to implement robust security standards in whatever backup system you choose. It will be fully encrypted and will support client-side and private key encryption as well as anti-virus and patch management services along with the best practices for the storage and backup of information.

As well as our backup services, we also offer a data recovery solution for clients too. Recovery is the best option if storage devices are damaged, data is on a mobile device or any system or computer. We have a vast amount of experience in recovering lost data on your hard drive. We can diagnose the fault and recover critical data quickly and safely, restoring your business operations and recovering crucial data.

To find out more about our backup and data recovery services, please contact our team today to talk through your options in more detail. Whatever the problem, we have the tools, skills and knowledge to help.

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