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NorthWales Media offers businesses a powerful suite of tools to prevent problems with your network. Your systems will operate much better with alerts and visibility in terms of performance as well as being able to clearly see the threats that affect your networks.

Managed network and monitoring is delivered by our technicians and engineers who use a remote monitoring solution and management software that allows us to remotely access your systems, hardware and software to accurately identify any potential threats so we can address them before they become a problem.

Using state of the art technology and proven solutions, we can update your machines off-site and fix minor problems automatically with minimal disruption to your operations.


As businesses are continuing to add more and more components to their systems, this has major implications in a number of different areas. With an increasing number of systems becoming digital, businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on software and applications. If your systems are not properly optimised and they don’t support the performance of the applications, it can start to cause problems for your business.

Application and network monitoring is completed through: • Server monitoring • Designing, developing and implementing strong monitoring tools A managed service that monitors your IT, networks and applications will offer: • Reduced set up time • Cost savings for your business • Improved monitoring of your systems, software and applications • Lower risk of problems occurring

The integrity of your computers and networks is of utmost importance. Many managed services will monitor things such as your firewall and they will be alerted if anything untoward is detected or a failure occurs. We can set up systems that: • Identify and prevent security issues • Deliver strategies to solve a variety of issues • Reduce downtime • Achieve cost savings • Monitor tailored firewall indicators that are important for your business


So, what are the benefits of implementing a managed network monitoring system? Here are just a few: • Optimise the effectiveness of your firewall • Maximise uptime for your business • Prevent outages through early warning systems • Significantly reduce resolution times • Identify anything untoward or different to the norm

Once our systems are in place, customers can request support at any time through a dedicated customer portal. This ticket or service request can then be accessed by a technician who will be able to assess the problem and provide a solution, quickly and conveniently.

Are you looking to implement a managed network solution for your business? We can help you develop and implement a tailored solution that is right for your business. All you need to do to get started is contact our team and tell us your existing systems and processes and we will do the rest. Contact our team today to talk through your requirements in more detail.

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We can provide your business with a completely transparent way to manage your services.