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Save money on your phone bills. Get your landline number on your mobile.

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Enhance communications and improve the quality of your calls with a VoIP system. If you are currently using a traditional landline phone for your business, a move to VoIP may be just the change you’re looking for.

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol relies on an internet connection as opposed to a traditional phone line to make and receive calls. With a VoIP system, the analogue signals are converted into digital messages which are capable of being sent over an internet connection.

Once it is set up and you have the right VoIP system in place, it is much cheaper than using a traditional phone. One of the greatest benefits of using VoIP is that you don’t have to pay for calls based on distance or where you are calling or how long the call lasts, which is great for businesses undertaking long distance negotiations or communications.

Key Features of VoIP

• Super easy to install, configure and maintain • It offers more flexibility so you can scale up or down depending on your business needs • Your employee phone numbers can be transported to new locations with ease • Many more call features including call waiting, call transfer, conference calling and auto attendant • Increased cost savings from installation to day to day operation • Easily integrate into other business systems • Enhance your business operations and streamline communications with a VoIP system. • Get your landline number on a mobile phone app for true remote working


When it comes to implementing a new phone system, VoIP works well for all types of businesses, whether you have a small start-up or a large, global business. Our solutions will help you position your business in the best possible way to cope with future demand with a cost-effective installation and ability to scale as your business grows. The systems are designed to support your needs right now and in the future with a few minor changes.


Achieve the power of a business phone system with the added benefit of applications and tools to improve collaboration and enhance communications across all devices. You can even integrate VoIP with Smartphone’s so your team can access calls wherever they are.


Traditional phone systems can be very expensive, but VoIP offers a much more affordable solution for business owners. You have the flexibility to install just the right number of phones to suit your requirements and you don’t need a costly infrastructure installing either which also achieves significant cost savings.


Increase productivity, seamlessly integrate with existing business applications and systems and deliver a much improved customer service.

If you are considering a VoIP solution for your business, switching with us is so easy to do. You don’t need tech knowledge, you don’t need lots of resources or experience in phone systems, you can leave all of that up to us. If you would like to discuss a VoIP system for your business, please contact our team today and we can talk through your options in more detail and offer some suggestions as to what system would be a good fit for your business.

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