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Bringing more than 30 years of expertise, we specialise in the repair of all types of business systems, laptops, PCs and gaming PCs. Whatever the problem is, we have professional and accurate diagnostics to help you identify the problem and apply the required fix in no time at all.Finding a reputable computer repair company can be a daunting task. When things go wrong it’s important that your systems and computers are entrusted to a supplier that you can count on. We specialise in all aspects of system and computer repairs as well as virus removal and general computer repairs.Computer repairs shouldn’t cost the earth and we recognise this. Bringing your computers and systems back online, so they are fully operational is what we aim to achieve.Are your computers running slow, freezing or just not working as they should? It might be time for a repair or maintenance program. These tasks are designed to help identify and prevent serious problems from slowing down and even bringing your systems and computers to a halt.Whether you have a broken screen, a failed hard drive or an infected computer, we have the knowledge, tools and skills to correct even the most complex of problems.Our staff are helpful and approachable, and we will explain the problem to you in plain, simple language so you know what is wrong with your computer or system and we can work on implementing a solution that works for us all.We don’t believe in long waiting times or expensive premium rate repair services. If you want a fast response, we do this as standard because, in business, time is money. We pride ourselves on our prompt and professional computer repair service.If you have a computer problem at your business, you might want to know the types of repair service that we offer. Some of the common problems that we work with on a day to day basis include:– Computers freezing or crashing – A laptop or PC that won’t switch on – A computer that runs at a snail’s pace – Viruses, malware or spyware or unwanted programs that appear – Unable to connect to the internet or emails – Fans overheating – Windows restore – Data and system backups – Upgrades to the CPU or graphics card – Data recovery and restoration – And many moreComputer repair doesn’t have to be difficult and it shouldn’t be costly either. We offer an affordable, convenient and fast computer repair service for your business.If you are experiencing any computer problems and you need a fast and accurate diagnosis, please do not hesitate to contact our team today who will be happy to gather more details about your repair requirements.

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