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If your business relies on efficient customer service and your team work remotely, you need mobile devices that function properly and help your workforce get the tasks done that they need to.NorthWales Media specialises in the sale of high-quality mobile devices, both new and refurbished. Whether you are looking for a new device yourself or a bulk purchase to give each of your team members a business phone, we have access to all brands and a huge supply chain, allowing you to improve communications and keep your team connected wherever they are based.Employees of today are spending more and more time working on their phones. The phone is now a small computer capable of handling many tasks that would once be confined to the office. This growing demand for smartphone use means that they not only have to be well connected, but reliable and powerful too.Choosing the right phones for your team can help boost productivity, increase efficiencies and improve communications both within the business and with customers.We have many years’ of experience in business communications, and we pride ourselves on our high standards of customer care and the quality of the devices that we supply to all kinds of businesses.If you are a sole trader, a small business or a larger enterprise, we offer a fast, convenient way to source the latest phone models for your business that will help move your company forward. We offer all of our customers:– A seamless online service – The latest devices with the most up to date technology – Best business communications networks – Expert advice for your organisation so you find a device that works well for youIf you want to buy phones in bulk, that’s no problem too. This is a great way to save money and we can help you find the best plans and services. For our bulk buy products, we offer:– Unrivalled customer care and advice – Unified solutions – A dedicated team member to help you find the right devices for your business – Significant cost savings.Our goal is to help you save money and we have put together a range of special offers that give you the best smartphones at the best prices that can save your business money over the long term. We recognise that running a business is difficult and the last thing you want is to have to worry about problematic devices or phones that just don’t work for your employees. We will help your business achieve its full potential with high-quality mobile devices with carefully selected offers that help with business growth and future development.If you would like to talk through your options for a new business mobile device, or you want to purchase some new devices for your team, talk to us today and we will guide you through your options and answer all of your questions.

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