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Reach your ideal customers, in a way you can control

Social media marketing. You know you need to do it. But ouch… it moves so fast it gives you a headache.

Which platforms should you use? What should you post? When should you post it?

And what on earth are you meant to do when nobody engages with the Instagram post that took you hours to create?

This is how you connect with your customers in their natural habitat

77% of the UK population is on social media. That’s your target audience.

Social media is where they go in their off time. It’s where they procrastinate and unwind. And it’s the perfect space to start your next conversation with them. Without stepping foot outside your front door.

PPC visitors are 50% more likely to make a purchase on your website than organic visitors

Now you can harness the real power of social media marketing, with social advertising

Step inside the world of full managed social media advertising. Marketing that sounds like your business, without the time, effort and endless energy you’re used to. 

This is all about creating real results. 

Make your customers fall head over heels for your offers thanks to a proven content framework, designed to maximise engagement and boost your results.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to social media advertising

Every social media marketing package is custom created, just for you. Because nobody does business quite like you do.

We’ll tune into your unique goals, challenges and concerns. So we can be even more on target than Dan Biggar kicking a Welsh penalty, getting your content moving in the right direction. 

Let’s get your social media ads ready to convert by finding the right customers for your business:

  • Unlimited platforms for social media advertising, so you can get your brand seen in the right places
  • A dedicated process to keep every social media marketing message on brand and on point.
  • An essential foundation to ensure that social media advertising is boosting the other tools in your marketing toolbelt.
  • A targeted approach to find your right customers in the right places online (because you don’t need to be talking to everyone, on every social media platform)
  • The Engagement Framework, to create content your business loves just as much as your customers do
  • A safe space to ask all your social media marketing questions, thanks to monthly progress and strategy sessions (in-person or online)
  • The Always-On Dashboard, giving you an easy view of everything that’s happening with your website and your traffic. Everything is 100% transparent and accessible 24/7

Not another faceless social media marketing agency...

Come knock on our front door in Flint, North Wales and you’ll find that we’re very human. Just like your customers, really.

We’re real people on a mission to get real results for the local Welsh businesses we love so much.

Oh, and we just so happen to be super passionate about the digital marketing world. Like, super into it. We’re pretty cool like that. 

How PPC marketing services and Google Ads work with NorthWales Media

We’ll dive into your Google Ads account, find out what’s working well (and what isn’t) and use this to guide our
PPC project together.

This is the creative piece of the puzzle, where we come up with campaign ideas that’ll get your customers clicking.

Google needs to see your website as good quality for you to get a decent return on your PPC marketing investment. We’ll get your website ready for showtime.

Now we get to work building your campaign with the right copy, the right message and the right targeting.

Once we’ve got a good amount of data to report back on from your Google Ads campaign, we’ll help you dissect the results through our reporting process. Together we’ll look at what lessons can be learned, how we can improve and what to take as our next step.

“North Wales Media go above and beyond…...”

“North Wales Media go above and beyond in every aspect of delivering our requirements. I personally work very closely with the majority of the team and it never ceases to amaze me their input, intuitive solutions, timeliness and tenacity they adopt with their approach. We see great results year on year and without them, we wouldn't be the successful business we are today.”
Sarah Ashton - Operations Manager at Maverick Diagnostics

We handle the workload, but you’re still in control

Nobody knows your business quite like you do. We get that. 

It’s exactly why we make every effort to get to know your work, with all its unique quirks and nuances. 

Your social media marketing strategy kicks off with a social media audit, so we can see what’s working (and what isn’t). Then, we’ll develop a target social advertising strategy. Together. So that we’re always on the same page. 

We’ve worked with everyone from B2B to B2C, eCommerce to brick and mortar, and everyone in-between. Our social media team are used to complex companies and love to wrap their heads around a new puzzle.

Let’s get you connected

Get a taste of what our social media advertising agency is all about, with a free social media consultation. Choose for us to meet you locally in North Wales, or connect online. It’s up to you!