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NorthWales Media offers comprehensive care plans that help to keep your website secure.

Technology changes all of the time and with these changes, new threats are identified. It can be time-consuming and somewhat daunting to keep your website up to date yourself, particularly if you don’t have the technical knowledge or know-how of the different security risks that are frequently popping up. It can quickly spiral out of control.

That’s where our dedicated plans will take care of everything for you. Website updates, security improvements, patches and enhancements in terms of usability.

Regular maintenance can prevent your website from being a target of hackers and stop threats before they become a problem. Along with the security benefits, updating your site regularly avoids any dramatic updates (i.e from update 1.0 to update 5.3) from disrupting the function of your website.

If you are regularly receiving notifications that your website needs updating, or you are being alerted to security threats, you need one of our care plans.

With this plan, we will implement planned preventative maintenance to help protect, secure and enhance your website so it’s fully operational at all times.

Technology changes and things adapt, so your website needs to as well. Through our care plans, we will ensure that your plugins, software and systems are up to date with the latest releases and upgrades every month.

You will also receive a series of reports about the updates that are made which will keep you informed of what changes have been made and how they affect your website. Along with this, we will also report on the overall status of your website performance, SEO ranking and more, keeping you up to date and in the know about your site.

If you would like us to take care of your website maintenance and updates, please contact our team today. You can see the details of our care plans below.

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