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Maverick Diagnostics

From experts in the space to the company to watch. Maverick Diagnostics is home to Andy Brooke and Dave Jones, the dealer diagnostic experts that could tell you anything you need to know about any glitch, brake or simple quirk about your vehicle.

With their extreme knowledge of vehicle diagnostics and many garages making the switch to OEM software and diagnostic tools, Maverick Diagnostics’ expertise was now in-demand as well as their software and tool store.

After shifting their business slightly to help the garages use their tools and support them on their “diagnostic journey” Andy and Dave were looking for a new branding style and easy to use the website.

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Maverick Diagnostics’ old logo was leaning toward the “race car” niche, which Maverick Diagnostic was not solely in. Therefore, we wanted to create something simple, easily recognisable and trust-worthy. We wanted a simple colour scheme that incorporated Maverick Diagnostics’ new tech perspective.

Complex themes of the vehicle diagnostics were hard to portray and explain in a short and simple way. Luckily, this is what graphics are perfect for. We created a collection of graphics that Maverick Diagnostic’s website could use to explain the concepts of their businesses in an easy and informative way.

The website at its core is an eCommerce store, however, we wanted to show the other services that Maverick Diagnostics provides to its client base. The new direction of Maverick Diagnostics is much more than a store for diagnostic tools Maverick Diagnostics now guide you through buying the tools, downloading the software, setting up the equiptment to then supporting you afterwards. They are also soon to be releasing their full training course so that their clients can now become experts too!

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Marian Bach

Marian Bach is an extremely charming equestrian centre in the heart of the countryside in Babell. Rosemary and Alan Brooke run the equestrian centre from their land where they host Dressage Competitions, Cross Country Course Hire, Livery and more!

This lovely place took the breath away of our team and we knew we had to let the magic of Marian Bach shine through on their new website and brand. We started off with the essentials; A new company logo and colour scheme. Showing off the earthy tones and traditional style of Marian Bach, we came up with a colour palette that aligned with that vision.

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In addition to the new colour scheme, we also wanted the logo to show the high-quality that Marian Bach have in their home. After all, they are home to two of the famous Velgro’s children! In order to make this vision come through, we wanted the silhouette of a horse in the graceful position of an extended trot.

Now that the logo and colour scheme were at hand we now needed to show the beauty of Marian Bach through the website. Alan and Rosemary needed a website where their club members and other competitors could sign up for their Dressage Competitions as well as hire any of their facilities out. Having only ever used post-in applications and cheques this step was one of significance and brought Marian Bach up-to-date with the online world!

We found a layout that was easy for the visitors to navigate yet also simple and classic, as per the Marian Bach style. We wanted the visitor to remember and see the wonders of the land whilst they were moving through the site or signing up for their next competition.

Simple touches like the silhouette of Marian Bach at the bottom of the website and also the marvellous photography by Laura Sian really brought this site to life in a way that we are so happy with! Ensuring that the essence of Marian Bach was captured through, photography, colour and style, was a really important ingredient in making this new site and brand a success.

We were extremely happy to take on such a wonderful project with the spirit and class that Marian Bach brings to the table. Alan, Rose and Laura were extremely pleasant to work with and at the age of 82 Rose is now a wiz on the PC!