Effective marketing is the lifeblood of any UK business and key to long-term success. Without a robust marketing plan in place, you will struggle to connect with your target audience and stand out from other companies in your sector. Digital marketing should be a major part of any efforts to market your organisation now and social media marketing is a key aspect within this. But why is this type of marketing so important in today’s world?

Social media is used by billions of people globally

Recent figures suggest that around 2.5 billion people use social media platforms on a global scale with this predicted to jump to over 3 billion by 2021. Top platforms in this sector give direct access to these people – Instagram, for example, is thought to have over 1 billion users across the world with 24 million of them being in the UK. The other big bonus of using social media marketing is that it allows you to engage consumers not only online but also on their device of choice.

For many people now, this is their smartphone or tablet. Tapping into the mobile market is essential in today’s business landscape as this is where the majority of people search for services or buy goods. The sheer scale and reach of social media is what makes it so great for marketing in the modern business world, both nationally and internationally.

Why else should you think about using social media marketing?

The above are not the only reasons to think about using this marketing channel. Social media is very cost-effective as basic accounts are free to sign-up for and use. They are also very effective for engaging in organic, two-way conversations with customers and give you the chance to showcase your brand’s personality. All these make marketing via social media very effective in building up your online presence over time – when done right.

Social media marketing North Wales based

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