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Get your business noticed, with stress-free video marketing

Video isn’t the future of content marketing anymore. It’s the present.

Video marketing is here. And it’s here to stay. Whether you’re a local service provider, an eCommerce company with big ambitions, or somewhere in between – video marketing can help your business grow. 

It’s the best way to engage your audience online.

When visual storytelling meets powerful messaging

You won’t find this unique combination in any other marketing method. 

Video content enables you to merge visual storytelling with powerful messaging, so you can build deeper connections with your customers. Connections that last long after the video has stopped playing.

Build your trust factor and keep your customers coming back for more. By creating video content that’s perfectly on brand, on message and optimised for your audience.

PPC visitors are 50% more likely to make a purchase on your website than organic visitors

Stop craving new customers. Start welcoming them through your doors

Your business deserves to be found by the customers that need it the most. This means putting your work in front of them, in the right place at the right time.

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, with its results regularly showing up on Google. 3 billion video searches take place every month. Which makes YouTube’s search volume larger than Bing’s, Yahoo’s, AOL’s and’s. Combined.

Let’s make your video marketing easy and strategic.

Introducing: video marketing that matches up with your business goals

A viral video is no use if it doesn’t help your business grow. Stand out from the sea of “same-old” video content with new and original pieces that match up with your business goals.

Welcome to video marketing from the SEO and content creation experts. Where you’ll discover seamless video content that slots into your marketing strategy. Without ever having to ask yourself “how do I do this?”.

The strategic way to approach video marketing

  • Video content that fits with your marketing goals, thanks to a detailed project brief getting us up to speed on exactly what your business needs
  • Clear communication, with an easy to follow project roadmap that lets you know when your video content will be ready
  • Creative video ideas, with storyboarding allowing us to collaborate on video content that supports your business goals
  • Easy video production, with video production taken care of for you. Choose to include drone footage to make your video really stand out
  • Video marketing that’s on brand and on message, with video editing taking place in stages so we find the result that’s perfect for you

Years of experience go into every video marketing project

Getting started with video marketing can feel like you’re entering a whole new world. We get that.

That’s why this isn’t the place to be learning on the job. Years of professional experience go into every video marketing project. So you’re getting the best of the best, every single time.

Because every video should be engaging, informative and compelling.

How PPC marketing services and Google Ads work with NorthWales Media

We’ll dive into your Google Ads account, find out what’s working well (and what isn’t) and use this to guide our
PPC project together.

This is the creative piece of the puzzle, where we come up with campaign ideas that’ll get your customers clicking.

Google needs to see your website as good quality for you to get a decent return on your PPC marketing investment. We’ll get your website ready for showtime.

Now we get to work building your campaign with the right copy, the right message and the right targeting.

Once we’ve got a good amount of data to report back on from your Google Ads campaign, we’ll help you dissect the results through our reporting process. Together we’ll look at what lessons can be learned, how we can improve and what to take as our next step.

Impactful video marketing for your North Wales business

Off Flint. Eisteddfod. Rugby. There are some things that only locals understand. When it comes to local marketing, it’s all the more important that your video content includes the local details your audience expects. Our team get that. Because they’re locals too.

Make your message memorable, with strategic video marketing

Find out how video marketing can grow your business. We’ll get to know you over a strong cuppa and a good chat. 

Choose to meet us locally in North Wales, or connect online. It’s up to you!