Backing up can sound to many like a technical undertaking, but it is a crucial part of your company’s safety and growth. Implementing the regular practice of backing up means that once you get in the habit, there’s nothing to it. So why is it important to back up data? Read on to find out the top reasons.

Recover lost data

The most common factor in the use of a data back up is for a simple reason: human error. We make mistakes, and often. But the slip of a finger on a key shouldn’t mean losing months of work. Regular backups mean that if you do accidentally lose or damage data, the loss will be minimal or completely recoverable.

Taxes and audits

Businesses and companies are required to keep records for up to 10 years in case of auditing or tax purposes. That can add up to a lot of data! Keep your past records backed-up on clearly marked hard drives, so that if and when you need to access it, there are no issues.

Viruses and crashes

Whether you’re a web design company or a development company, systems are susceptible to viruses and system crashes, no matter how secure. When your system crashes or is affected by a virus, often the best thing to do is a factory reset, which means wiping all of the data. Having a recent backup means minimal loss of information.

If you are looking to implement a safe and secure backup system but don’t know how to start, get in touch with our IT support now. Offering web design services and digital marketing, North Wales Media puts your business first to enable growth, security, and stability.