What is network monitoring?

It is an IT term used to describe a system that surveys computer networks to identify issues with the software, servers, firewalls, and other components.

If a problem is flagged up, an alert is sent through to the IT technician or network administrator responsible, so that they can investigate further.

But why is network monitoring so important for your website?

1. Reduced exposure to risk

The effects of a malicious attack on your business could be expensive and time-consuming to solve. Your website is constantly exposed to security threats which could be caused by (i) employees changing passwords; (ii) unapproved downloads; (iii) a misconfiguration within the network itself.

Network monitoring can quickly identify attacks on your website, technical issues, or unusual behaviour and flag them up as soon as they happen – allowing potentially damaging issues to be diffused.

2. It’s good reputation management

When asked ‘why is networking monitoring so important for your website?’, the responsible person within the organisation or business usually mentions security or performance. Although these issues are of paramount importance, it’s good practice to comply with network monitoring regulations – as defined in ISO 27001 and by bodies like the HIPAA.

Although optional, having an accreditation like ISO 27001 under your belt will enhance your reputation, reassure customers that you take data protection seriously, and improve GDPR compliance.

3. Improve website performance

Make sure your investment in web design pays off. Slower networks lead to lower productivity – an unwanted effect that will segue into your organisation’s or business’s overall performance.

Instead of making things harder, monitor your network to identify challenging areas and harvest data to spot previously undiagnosed trends that might be causing your systems to operate at sub-optimal levels.

Network Monitoring & Marketing – North Wales

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