Is your business prepared for Black Friday? We’ll soon be approaching that time of the year again when consumers go wild – literally. Make sure your business makes the most out of the Black Friday opportunities.

Want to drive more sales and increase your revenue on Black Friday? It’s just around the corner so now’s the time to start planning.

We’re here to give you a head start and dish out some helpful tips and tricks.

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1. Tease your Offers Early On

Don’t leave it until the day before! You’ll ideally want to start teasing your Black Friday offers during late October or the start of November.
Why? It means you’ll give yourself the best chance of attracting more consumers. So spread the word early and increase social engagement in the run up to Black Friday. The best place to do this? Social media!
Do you not have the time to do this? We’re here to help. Here at NorthWales Media, we have a team dedicated to helping businesses like yours to grow and boost their profitability. Why not let us help you to plan your Black Friday marketing strategy and ensure you gain the best results possible?


2. Pick and Choose Products to Promote

If you’re a small business, it’s likely you won’t be able to offer astounding discounts on all the products in your range. Let’s be honest, this just isn’t realistic. But you shouldn’t feel like you have to compete with the big brands like Amazon and Nike. You’re your own brand.
The bottom line is, don’t go too crazy with your deals. Maybe pick a few products from your range to promote with enticing offers for Black Friday and attract your consumers to these specific products.


3. Bundle Offers

Bundle offers are always a winner. With Christmas just around the corner, people will be on the hunt for gift sets and bundle offers. Remember, people are tempted by bundle deals as bundles can help meet customer needs.
But what’s in it for you? Bundle offers are also really great for boosting your revenue!
Have you considered custom building? Custom bundling is always a great route to take when doing bundle offers. Why? Because they’re even more irresistible to consumers than a standard bundle as they give your customers more freedom of choice.


4. Put Offers on your Most Popular Products

If your business is trying to make the most out of Black Friday, it makes sense to promote the most enticing discounts on the products that you know do well all year round, right?
This gives you the best possible chance of encouraging more interest in consumers and as a result, you guessed it – it will drive more sales!
Be careful though; make sure you won’t run out of stock!


5. Offering Discount Codes which are Exclusive to your Subscribers

Why not thank your subscribers with an exclusive discount code? People may spread the word to friends and family about the exclusive offers they’ve received as a subscriber. This will encourage more people to sign up to your newsletters!
Kill two birds with one stone with this strategy – drive more sales through your website and at the same time encourage people to sign up to your email newsletters! It’s a win-win.
Building your email list can also help drive more sales through email in the future. So get working on that email marketing strategy!


6. Upselling!

The upsell strategy can really help you convert. This strategy involves tempting consumers to buy a specific item in addition to what they’re already buying. A good approach is to offer enticing discounts on a certain product which typically requires accessories/ad ons/related products.
Let’s take an example. Maybe your business sells beauty products. If so, try selling a foundation at a discounted price and then attach related items to this product, like a foundation brush or a makeup sponge for example. Basically, you’re encouraging your consumers to buy more. Sneaky!


7. Give Out Freebies!

Everyone loves a freebie. Win your customers over and give something back with a free gift when they make a specific purchase. This can even be something simple like free delivery on certain items.
Consumers like to feel special. So maybe thank and reward your loyal customers with a special freebie. What’s better, this can encourage customer retention – it’s no secret that retaining your customers will benefit your business in the long run!
A personalised free gift will go a long way. Personalising gifts for loyal customers is obviously a much easier task for smaller businesses than for larger businesses. So use this to your advantage!


8. Be Active on Social Media

During Black Friday, social media will need to be your best friend.
During this busy time, you’re going to need to be even more active than usual on your social channels. Ideally, you’ll want to promote your products on your socials every day, or if not at least every other day. Now this might sound like a lot of work, but we promise it’ll be worth it.
Don’t have the time for daily posting? We can do it for you. Our experienced Copywriters will ensure your posts are engaging, enticing and uploaded to your channels consistently. Good deals won’t sell without good copy!


9. Use the Black Friday Hashtag

This one’s super easy. When promoting your amazing offers on yours socials, don’t forget to use the hashtag ‘#Blackfriday’ on all posts.
This is such a simple tip but it’s important you remember it. Using this hashtag on your posts can help to widen your reach and engagement, and as a result help to drive more traffic to your website.


10. Get Creative with your Website Banners

Website banners can help attract people to your website and boost your sales significantly. They can increase your visibility online so they’re a fantastic way to promote your products on Black Friday.
Don’t forget to include your logo or your company name on your web banners to build brand awareness! Of course, they’ll also need to be super eye-catching and engaging with a strong call to action.


11. Ensure your Site is Fully Optimised

Last but by no means least, make sure your website is looking its best and is faster than ever.
You’ll need to prepare your website for the traffic surge on Black Friday! Will your website be able to cope with the huge increase in demand? Customers want fast loading times so they can get their hands on the best deals before others snatch them up. User-experience is important to keeping your customers happy!
Need some help optimising your site? Here at NorthWales Media, we can ensure your website performs! We can support you with website hosting, so your website is able to run with superfast speeds.


How NorthWales Media can Support your Business

Does your business need help with planning for Black Friday? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with NorthWales Media today.
We can support you in all aspects of planning. We’ll put you on the right track and support your business with everything from mapping out your strategy and optimising your website to creating engaging website banners and enticing content for you socials. Your customers won’t be able to resist.